California’s Beer Distributors Deliver Choice, Quality and Good Cheer to California!

~ California Beer Distributors deliver more than 13,000 high paying jobs with benefits, $940.7 million in wages, pay $1.1 billion in federal, state and local taxes, and generate $6.1 billion in total economic value to California. California is the largest beer market in the country.

COMMERCIAL BENEFITS ~ California Beer Distributors ensure all brewers, from the largest international beer producer to the smallest craft brewer, have access to the shelves, cold boxes, and taps of the more than 90,000 licensed retailers in California – everyone from your favorite restaurants and bars, to the largest chain store giants as well as your neighborhood grocery store.

  • Sales & Marketing: California’s Beers Distributors provide “feet on the street” relationships with retailers. They unlock the market for new beer brands and innovative beverages by providing the infrastructure and know-how for brewers to reach all of California’s licensed retailers. As local sales and marketing experts, distributors invest time, money and specialized staff in brand development and promotion within their markets.
  • Logistics: Since beer is perishable and requires a temperature-controlled environment, distributors maintain state-of-the-art warehouses to ensure product freshness – from the brewer to the retailer and every step along the way. Even after delivery, beer distributors monitor retailer shelves for product freshness and integrity. From storing and loading, to transporting and delivering, distributors provide the personnel and the equipment to ensure that the freshest product reaches consumers.
  • Retailer Training: California’s Beer Distributors have well-trained and knowledgeable sales staff who share their expertise to educate retail staff regarding various types and styles of beer, appropriate glassware styles for serving each, proper pouring techniques, and food and beer pairings.
CONSUMER BENEFITS ~ California Beer Distributors are bringing a vast and growing selection to California beer enthusiasts – now more than 13,000 labels, to experience and enjoy.

REGULATORY BENEFITS ~ California Beer Distributors are licensed at both the state and federal levels and must comply with all state and federal laws and regulations and are essential to maintaining an orderly competitive and robust market that gives consumers unparalleled product choice at every price point.

As local and independent businesses, beer distributors are the bridge between brewers and licensed retailers. For Small and Large Brewers, the U.S. Market is For Small and Large Brewers, the U.S. Market is Open, a June 2014 article by Boston Consulting Group Partners Neil Houghton, Jr. and Marin Giaia, confirms the essential role of independent distributors and the open structure of the three-tier distribution system.