Since 1947, the California Beer and Beverage Distributors has strived to uphold the integrity of California’s state-based three-tiered regulatory system for alcohol control that has led to the largest, most dynamic and robust marketplace for beer in the country.

California’s independent, family-owned beer distributors are the backbone of the state’s three-tier regulatory system. The tradition continues.

CBBD delivers industry leadership and effective public affairs advocacy in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. to sustain and strengthen the state-based three-tier regulatory model and promote the independent distribution system.





  John Amendola, Chairman   Victoria G. Horton, Esq., President/CEO  


The California Beer and Beverage Distributors is governed by a Board of Directors who serve two-year terms, and are led by a team of accomplished executives.

CBBD Board Leadership

Chair – John Amendola, Valley Wide Beverage Co.

Vice Chair - Steve Sourapas, Crest Beverage LLC

Chief Financial Officer/Secretary - Tom Reyes, Reyes Beverage Group

Board Member - Scott Cooper, Humboldt Beer Distributors

Board Member - Mike Shea, Columbia Distributing 

President/CEO – Victoria G. Horton, Esq.

CBBD Staff Leadership

President/CEO - Victoria G. Horton

Vice President - Becky Stolberg
Senior Director Marketing and Public Affairs  - Rhonda Stevenson